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Currently, E90 Ghana Ltd is the leading mushroom producer in Ghana and she is affectionately called the *Mushroom Queen*. 

The company uses the environmental pollutant (sawdust) to produce mushrooms on a large scale which helps in climate change and protects the environment from carbon monoxide which results from the indiscriminate burning of sawdust. Mushroom farming also provides employment to the large unemployed youth in the country. E90, herself a woman, employs,  trains, and empowers women to use mushroom farming as a means of self-reliance and financial empowerment. 

Contact: 0242905968 

Instagram: mushroomqueen_global 

Facebook: Mushroom Queen Gh

E90 is a company that grows and markets organic mushrooms. AWR got to meet her at an
exhibition event some two years ago. She was invited by a friend to come and sell her wares.
When we got to the interaction and networking part of the programme, we were inspired by
her story. We realized that she was not only interested in selling her mushrooms, but was
concerned about the environment and willing ultimately to employ other women if she has the
opportunity to expand.

She on the other hand was also excited about what AWR had to offer especially with regards to
helping women entrepreneurs to achieve their set goals.
We employed the AWR 3E strategy, we took time off to understand what she does on a daily
basis, and we encouraged her to better her craft. We also ensured she took part in trainings
and seminars that were relevant to her craft. We provided technical assistance as often as
possible so the quality of her mushrooms will be the best.

Out of the above, she has been so much energized and elevated she is popularly called ‘The
Mushroom Queen”. She has currently diversified by adding mushroom khebab, which is doing
excellently. She is also exploring other species for both local and international appeal.
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, E90, by dint of hard work was still making inroads
in the mushroom industry, In fact, she had discovered new markets during the onset of the
pandemic and needed a little financial push to be able to meet the demand of her clients.
AWR reviewed her proposal and offered her financial support to add to her working capital in
order to meet her target.

In the words of Mrs. Fafa Foe, CEO of E90, popularly known as the ‘mushroom queen’, ‘now we
are very stable, producing, very much happy and still in operation’
This is just one of the many people AWR has touched. She is also in turn impacting her
community haven employed about ten women so they can also improve their livelihoods.


Women Empowerment and the Link to Sustainable Development in the Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic